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Powerful songs powerfully delivered, mixing blues, R and B, folk and country.

Strangers (formerly Perfect Strangers) is a band formed around the dark genius and smoky larynx of Ron Trueman-Border, a singer/songwriter with a growing reputation for vivid, punchy lyrics and irresistibly infectious tunes.
If it's a long time since you left a concert singing the tunes, or heard intelligent lyrics about things that actually matter, give this outfit a listen. If you don't laugh, cry and sing along with it all, you just can't have been listening.

     Ron Trueman-Border (lead vocals, guitar and harmonica), Dave Reay (lead guitar),
     Clive Lever (keyboard, vocals), Gay Reay (vocals)

Albums: Life Stories (2010), Appropriately Wrecked (2004), Chase me, Girls, I'm Chocolate (2003)
Sound samples  
    from the 2010 album Life Stories:
                  Tarmac                   Without You            Lavender

from earlier albums:
                  Scared                   Miracle                   
Pretty Blue Shoes

To check out Ron Trueman-Border's solo albums and gig list,
visit Ron Trueman-Border's website

email:         tel:   01622 756772